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Central California – Carmel 17 Mile Drive (Pebble Beach)


Carmel is celebrating its 100 years old anniversary this year!

This picture was taken at the main town area of Carmel. A lovely small town with many shops and restaurants around.  (Remember don’t wear your high heels ! It’s prohibited here.)

17 Mile Drive

  • a scenic road drive through a luxury neighbourhood, Pebble Beach (famous golf courses) and Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula.
  • There are 21 points of interest within this area.
  • $10 entrance fee payable at the toll. (Yes, $10, but it’s worth it. You could spend a good half day here).
17 mile drive, carmel
So we just drove and stop at some of the point of interest.
17 mile drive
The whole map of 17 Mile Drive
Beautiful scenery along the coast
Beautiful scenery along the coast
17 mile drive
Nice forest – 17 Mile Drive


PebbleRestless Sea









Pebble Beach - 17 Mile Drive
Pebble Beach has hosted the U.S. Open five times, most recently in 2010.
Pebble Beach Wedding
Pebble Beach Golf Links- Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful courses in the world

Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

Spot the deers
Wild deers can be spotted everywhere

Pebble Beach
17 mile drive

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