Travel Blog: What To Eat In Seoul,Korea? (Namdaemun & Myeongdong)

Korea ginseng chicken samgyetang

The main highlights of our trip to Korea were really about its food,  cheap affordable and good skin care products, and visiting the historic buildings.

We spent 6 days in Seoul, taking our sweet time slowly relax and explore this beautiful city after a week in Vegas. We stayed at Aloft Hotel Seoul, Myeongdong (appx $150/night) which is very strategically located in Myeongdong where the shopping streets are. Aloft is a trendy, young hotel for the travellers under Starwood Hotels umbrella. You can read my post at Aloft hotel here.


What To Eat Near Myeongdong, Seoul?

While staying at Aloft Hotel Myeongdong, eating places were everywhere, and I found out that Koreans really like their coffee. Coffee shops like Starbucks or local brands are everywhere! Literally!

Korean food is really healthy in general. Apart from the fermented food like Kimchi, most meals are made from many vegetables and bean products. We felt healthier already after eating our first meal in Korea, especially after spending a week in America, eating all sorts of burgers, fries and steaks… felt so good to eat healthy and delicious vegetables after the US trip.

1. Breakfast at Myeongdong – Dumplings and Noodles

The first day after checked in to the hotel, we went to this little dumpling shop at around Myeongdong 9-gil, just 5-8 minutes walk from Aloft hotel.

Korean dumplings shop at Myeongdong

We had:

  • Dumplings 3 ways (fried, steamed and dumplings without skin). 8,000 won / S$10
  • Spicy ramen noodles. 7000won/ S$8.60
  • kimchi as a side dish – free (and you will see kimchi again on breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    Korea, seoul, food, dumplings, ramen

Of course, apart from dumplings, there were many other choices of noodles too. It was so good that we went back again before we left Seoul. 😋

Korean dumpling shops

Dumplings were made fresh and steamed fresh! Delicious
korean steamed dumplings

2. Breakfast at Myeongdong – Korean Porridge

Another common breakfast/lunch options in Seoul – Bonjuk (Porridge).

I was so amazed by so many types of porridge variation.

Bonjuk - Korean Porridge

I had beef porridge (around $10-11 per bowl) – the portion was quite big possibly can be shared among 2 small eaters.

Korean beef porridge in Seoul

3. Lunch at Namdaemun Market – street snacks and cold noodles

Namdaemun Market is a large traditional market in Seoul, South Korea. The market is located next to Namdaemun, the “Great South Gate,” which was the main southern gate to the old city. It is the oldest and largest market in Korea. Many really delicious Korean street food there and you can buy almost everything on this street from clothing to jewellery to household items.

It is a very interesting market at Namdaeumun, here are some of the video clips that I took during the trip. I thought a video worth a thousand words. So much to see and eat there. Enjoy!

Watch the video here if you can’t see it below.

All types of skewers (fish cakes, prawn cakes, kimchi pancakes..etc)  $1.5-$2.5 per skewers

Korean style braised pork knuckles $5 per cup.

braised pork knuckles in Seoul, Korea

Fried fish cakes skewers – that was very very yummy! S$2.50

korea street food fried fish cakes skewers

There was a few small alley in the market and many friendly Korean aunties kept waving at the passing-by to stop at their store for a meal. They sell pretty much similar things – cold noodles. We decided to stop at one of the stores and had a bowl of Korean cold noodles there.

small alley in Namdaemung

We had a bowl of cold noodles from this Korean lady. They all seem very happy and passionate about their food. Despite the language barrier, we were still able to communicate our satisfaction by finishing up the whole bowl of noodles! It was really good!

Korean local food cold noodles

A bowl of Korean cold noodles in the small alley at Namdaemun, super delicious. S$6.50

Korean cold noodles

4. Dinner – Ginseng Chicken (Samgyetang)

Ginseng chicken soup (aka Samgyetang) is a very popular dish in Korea, especially during summer.  Eating samgyetang on summer days is believed to promote health too.

The whole young chicken was filled with garlic, glutinous rice, jujube, and ginseng. A small bottle of Ginseng wine was served along the dish.

S$18 for ginseng chicken. This particular ginseng chicken restaurant is called Gobong Samgyetang, at Myeongdong.
Korea ginseng chicken samgyetang

5. Dinner – Korean BBQ

We just can’t go to Korea and not having BBQ. Wrapped that juicy marinated meat on a shiso leaf, dip in some Korean bean paste and wash it down with Korean soju. Heaven! Swallow and repeat!

KOrean BBQ

There was so much great food in Korea and every meal was like heaven to us. 😋

What is your favourite food in Korea?



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Travel Blog: What To Eat In Seoul,Korea? (Namdaemun & Myeongdong)
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