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Fish Recipe: One Pot Cauliflower Salmon Rice

We all have all sorts of excuse when come to that lazy day yet you want to have enough protein, omega-3, veggies, minerals, probiotics, something good to your body. How we wish the rice cooker can do everything for us.

Guess what, your rice cooker can do much more than that. I’m a perfect example of cooking everything in an electric rice cooker. Easy to clean up and all flavours marry together. Isn’t it the best recipe on earth or what?

Yes, you definitely can cook everything in a rice cooker.

Tried and tasted!

Raw Ingredients (Basically based on what I have in the fridge):

  • a piece of salmon fillet,
  • some leftover raw cauliflowers,
  • 1 ripe tomato
  • Rice
  • Spring onions (garnish)

Seasonings (Optional)

  • Kelp
  • Korean chili paste (Gochujang) – can get from any Korean/ Asian Supermarket
  • Salt, Pepper
  • Sherry/ Cooking sake/ Chinese Rice wine (any cooking white wine basically, to get rid of any fishy smell)

Method (for 2 pax, you can adjust the portion to feed more people)

  1. Measure 3/4 cup of rice for 2 person.
  2. Wash rice, and add close to 1.5 cup of water to rice
  3. Rice to water ratio 1: 1.5

Step 1: Rice 

4. Cut or just simply tear the cauliflowers to smaller pieces. On top of the rice.

Just tear the cauliflower to small pieces directly on top of the uncooked rice.

No need to wash chopping board. ūüôā

5. Tomato Р just cut into halves, and face down, place on top of cauliflowers.

6. Salmon 

Again, just wash the salmon and remove excess bones. ¬†Don’t even have to cut it, just simply place on top of everything.

Just stack salmon, tomato, cauliflowers on top of rice.

7. Seasoning – Salt, pepper, and add a splash of cooking wine if you have. I used Shao Xin Rice Wine. But really, anything goes. No wine? No problem!!

8. Kelp (optional)

Place a few pieces of dried kelp (mine are the smaller ones) on the rice. If you have the bigger piece kelp, just place 1. They will add a nice touch of umami flavour that complementing Salmon very well.


This kelp is the larger piece of seaweed.

NOT the type of seaweed that you put into your Miso soup.

Of course you won’t die from putting the wrong type. Just not as nice!

9. Say bye bye to the raw fish, cover the lid, press “Steam/Rice” button on your rice cooker and let them cook. See them after 30-40 min.

Bless you, Rice Cooker!

See you in an hour!

10. When the rice cooker is done cooking, I’ll still leave it for extra 10 min before I open the lid. Then, just drizzle some sesame oil, add 2 teaspoon of Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste), remove the tomato skin and kelp, use a rice spatula, just stir everything together! Yes, everything!

You should have a pink mash of salmon tomato cauliflower rice.

11. Toppings!

You can go crazy with this one!

I like to put spring onions, Japanese dried seaweed mix (those usually contains toasted sesame seeds, dried seaweed and Japanese pepper). Add some Japanese mayonnaise if that please you more! (Yes, it does please me, A Lot!)


You could have this for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Yes, Asian have rice for breakfast! Serve with Miso soup, Kohi (Coffee).


That’s my breakfast for one! Thank you rice cooker!

Appetizer: Strawberries and yogurt

Main: Rice cooker cooked tomato cauliflower rice with salmon and kelp,

Serve with: Miso Soup

Nespresso for one



Definitely a super nutritious meal! If this is not, I don’t know what is. Go figure.

Let me know if you like this recipe as much as I do!

Rice cooker rocks!


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