Travel Blog: Tickle Pink Inn Hotel Review @California, Carmel-by-the-sea

Tickle Pink Inn was one of the best accommodation we found on TripAdvisor during our trip to Carmel. Albeit it looked like an old motel but once we checked in, it was nice surprises everywhere.

Our stay in Carmel – Tickle Pink Inn

This is a luxury bed and breakfast with some great history.

Overlooking the famous Big Sur coastline, Tickle Pink Inn sits on the original homesite of State Senator Edward and Mrs. Bess Tickle and was built by their good friends, the Gurries family. Amid this enchanting oceanside setting in Carmel Highlands, Edward and Bess erected a small stone cottage more than 100 years ago. Mrs. Tickle was a lover of flowers, especially pink ones, which inspired the name Tickle Pink for their home. Today, while the little cottage has since disappeared, the name and charm remain, drawing travelers from around the world for over 60 years to experience the warm hospitality of our Carmel oceanfront Inn.

1. Entrance

Shared the same entrance with Hyatt (when we exit from Highway 1).Tickle Pink Inn Carmel, Grand Hyatt Carmel

Tickle Pink Inn Entrance and carpark

2. The Balcony View from Tickle Pink Inn

Carmel by the sea - tickle pink inn
View from our balcony – during the day
sunset at carmel highlands
View from balcony – beautiful sunset

Champagne and Chocolate at our balcony

And the most beautiful sunset - drinking it away
Drink up the beautiful Californian sunset

3. The Room

Our room – Super comfortable bed with 100% fine Egyptian cotton linen. Definitely can felt the difference~! It looked a little aged, but it was all well-maintained and can be seen from every little small details how much effort and care they’ve made.

Carmel Tickle Pink Inn

tickle pink inn balcony view

Sunset at Tickle Pink Inn Carmel

carmel tickle pink inn
Complimentary Champagne and Chocolate. Sweet!
You can tell it has some age, but eveWell-maintained and in very good conditions.
Little details
vintage in tip-top condition


4. Lounge area (complimentary wine and cheese tasting)

carmel tickle pink inn
Breakfast and cheese tasting area @ Tickle Pink Inn, Carmel Highlands
carmel tickle pink inn
Tickle Pink Inn Complimentary wine and cheese tasting


But very basic wine for wine tasting - not impressed
Simple wine from Central Coast California


carmel tickle pink inn
Cosy fire place
dining area
Outdoor dining area overlooking the Pacific Ocean



5. What did we love about our stay at Tickle Pink Inn?

  • Very comfortable room with quality amenities
  • Most beautiful sunset view from our balcony
  • Free wine and cheese tasting – daily
  • Free champagne in the room – definitely a plus 🙂
  • Room rate – $309- $589. (From the basic Ocean View Room $309 to the Ocean View Suites with fireplace and jacuzzi at $589)


About the area: Carmel-by-the-Sea (Central Coast California)

In case you are not familiar with the area I’ll just include a  brief introduction of the area – Carmel by the sea (located at Central Coast California).

  • 1-hour 44-minute drive from SFO airport
  • It’s a nice small beach city located at Central Coast, Monterey.
  • Known for its rich artistic history and beautiful scenery
  • Dog-friendly city


It took us less than 2 hours drive from SFO Airport (where we get our rented car) to Carmel Valley. On the way, we stopped by Silicon Valley at San Jose to snap a few photos of Google, Facebook, Cisco campus. Just for fun!

You can click here to see my blog post to Silicon Valley.


What to do in Carmel-by-the-Sea?

  • Beautiful beaches and jungle trails,
  • A Little old town with lots of historic buildings.
  • Go to Pebble Beach where Pebble Beach Golf Links was the site of the US Open in 1972, 1982, 1992, 2000, and 2010.
  • the 17-mile scenic drive
  • Wine tasting at Carmel Valley AVA
San Francisco to Carmel by the sea
Less than 2 hours drive from San Francisco Airport to Carmel.


 Interesting facts about Carmel:

  • No High Heels – it is prohibited to wear high-heel shoes without a permit, enacted to prevent lawsuits arising from tripping accidents caused by irregular pavement.



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