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Grilled Fish on Banana Leafs

This is a cheatsheet-recipe which only takes 20 minutes.

I used the store-bought Sambal Paste and the secret ingredient is really the banana leafs, which gives a wonderful smoky aroma. Try to get it from Asian Supermarket. You can basically grilled anything on top of the banana leafs apart from the nice aroma, I guess it’s healthier and eco-friendlier too.  You can also find a lot of Thai and Indian recipes call for banana leafs.

Sambal grilled fish is a popular dish which you can find in Malaysia or Singapore especially.

This sambal grilled fish is super yummy and best served over rice.


  • white fish of your choice, whole fish or fillet (it’s totally up to you)
  • Sambal Paste
  • Tomatoes of your choice (cherry tomatoes is sweeter), cut into halves.
  • Banana Leafs (cut into 2 -3 pieces)
  • Lemon or lime juice
  • 1 stock of lemongrass (if you have, otherwise just sambal paste is good enough)
  • You can add any vegetables of your choice if you have them in your fridge (such as onions, eggplant, lady fingers, asparagus)



  • clean the fish, wipe them dry with paper towers
  • season with salt and pepper
  • stuff cut-and-bruised lemongrass into the fish cavity.
  • rub sambal onto the fish both sides (1 tsp if you like mild spiciness, 1 tbsp if you like it spicy)
  • lightly toast the banana leafs over heat – that will make it flexible and soft and less likely to break.
  • Stack 2 pieces of banana leafs together.
  • put the fish onto the banana leafs, and put the rest of the vegetables on the side or over it.
  • Heat the pan on mid heat
  • lightly oil the large pan, put the banana leafs and the fish on to the stove. (be careful, if your fish is wet it can be dangerous to put water on the oil)
  • Cover the lid and cook each side for about 6-9 minutes (depending on how big your fish is)
  • Flip it half way through and cover again and cook for another 6-9 minutes
  • when it’s done, squeeze lemon/ lime juice over the fish


Simple and delicious!


Let me know how it goes ?

What is your favourite Banana Leafs recipe?

Grilled Fish on Banana Leafs
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