Pork Recipe : 20min Oven Baked Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) with curry rice, No Deep Frying

Oven baked crispy breadcrumb pork with curry rice

Tonkatsu is a common Japanese dish made from pork loin coated with crispy breadcrumbs. It is delicious but most recipes required deep frying hence it could be less desired for people who like something less fattening but healthier version.

I learnt this oven baked pork cutlet technique from Justonecookbook.com and I serve it with Japanese curry and rice! Simply guilt-free delicious.😋

Here’s how it’s made!


– 2 portion of pork loins

– breadcrumbs /panko

– flour and 1 egg

– Japanese curry cubes

– vegetables of your choice (I use purple cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes and onions) but you can also use peas, sweet corns, green beans, lady fingers, eggplant.. etc)


1. Rice – Cook a pot of rice

2. Breadcrumbs

– Toast 1 cup of breadcrumbs with little olive oil on a non-stick pan – until golden brown. Set them aside.

3. Pork loin

  • prepare 3 bowls (1 with flour, 1 with beaten egg, 1 with toasted breadcrumbs)
  • pound the meat to make it thinner, then use hands to shape the meat back to its shape. Make many small cuts around the meat so they can be cooked evenly
  • season with salt and pepper, then coat it with normal flour
  • then coat it with beaten egg

  • last coat it with toasted bread crumbs

  • put the coated pork loins on an oven tray line with baking paper
  • In the 200C oven for 20 min – turning them over during half time

4. Curry sauce

  • while the pork is in the oven, prepare all the vegetables and cut them to the right size

  • in a pot, saute onions and carrot in olive oil for 3-4minutes.
  • add 2-3 cups of water and bring to boil. Cover and simmer in low heat for 15 minutes. Add 1 cube of Japanese curry paste in the last 5 minutes. Stir until the sauce thicken.
  • while boiling the stock, cut cabbage, coriander and cherry tomatoes

5. Plating

  • Cut the cooked pork cutlet just before serving
  • Serve the pork cutlet on top of the rice, pour it over with Japanese curry sauce
  • Garnish with purple cabbage salad, cherry tomatoes and coriander


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