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During my recent trip to Sydney I had to find a day flight that was similar timing to match my husbands SQ flight schedule. The cheapest and closest direct flight from Singapore to Sydney I found was Scoot.

Despite Scoot being around since 2012, this was my first time travelling on Scoot. If you have never heard of Scoot before it is a Singaporean low-cost long-haul airline owned by Singapore Airlines. It has recently merged with TigerAir as well.

1. Price (both ways Singapore to Sydney)

Price is really competitive for Scoot especially on this route to Sydney. Although other budget airlines fly to Sydney as well, they usually have long transit stops in other cities.  Scoot’s flight schedule (Singapore – Sydney) is quite similar to SQ (both departures were within 1 hour of SQ), day flight schedule is better for many business travellers as well.

I flew Scoot Business Class on the way to Sydney because the ticket was on sale. In fact, the business class sale ticket was cheaper than my economy class ticket on the way back~!

Singapore to Sydney (SIN-SYD)  – Scoot Business Class (S$309.85)

Sydney to Singapore (SYD-SIN) – Scoot Economy Class (S$452)

Plus purchase 1 meal on economy class (SYD-SIN), tax and surcharge, credit card processing fee S$20…

Total airfareS$ 964,86  

Scoot price - biz cheaper than economy class

(On top of that, I also get extra 1% cash back from ShopBack website) You’ll get $5 off via this link. You’re welcome 😉

Comparing to SQ economy class (similar timing) S$1,800, Qantas (midnight flight) $1,100.

2. Flight Details

Singapore (T2) to Sydney (T1)

Flight number: TR 12

Flight schedule: 10.15am- 8.55pm

Flight time: 7 hr 40 min

Aircraft: Dreamliner B787-9

Sydney ( T1) to Singapore (T2)

Flight number: TR3

Flight schedule: 1.13pm-6.30pm

Flight time: 8 hr 15 min

Aircraft: Dreamliner B787-9

3. Booking Online & Get Cash Back

I normally buy my airline tickets online to get extra 1% Cashback via this website called Shopback. It’s super easy to use. Just need to log in to Shopback website then click Scoot website via Shopback. Then shop as per normal. Once the transaction is successful I’ll get my cashback after a few weeks! Why not?

Ok, back to buying Scoot ticket online. I find budget airlines always have a lot of hidden costs when buying tickets online. And if you’re not paying attention, you’ll always end up paying a lot of unwanted costs. Sneaky!

So I booked my SIN-SYD on Business Class, which was inclusive of the basics like meals, seat selections, 30kg check-in luggage, stream in-flight entertainment to your device etc. Mind you, business class on Scoot is not exactly all-you-can-drink business class like the others. According to the website, you’ll only get “a welcome drink and one additional alcoholic beverage.” More info on ScootBiz you can find it here.

What’s NOT included in Scoot Business Class (ScootBiz)?

  • Snooze kit like blankets, mask, and neck pillow! $18 each (Seriously? Not even business class?)
  • Wifi $17
  • Unlimited booze (limited to 1 additional alcoholic beverage ONLY)😟
  • Accumulate KrisFlyer Miles

scoot biz not included wifi and blankets

Meal selections are the same for both business class and economy class. Price range from S$17-22 per main course.Scoot SIN-SYD meal selections

E-Visa option is pretty thoughtful. Saved the hassle to apply it yourself should you need one. $19 will last a year.

Overall, there are some extra fees that budget airlines tend to charge you if you don’t opt out such as travel insurance ($), seat selections ($), credit card processing fee ($20) etc..

4. Check-in and boarding

I arrived at Changi airport quite early (2 hours before the flight). I tried to check in online, unfortunately, the ticket wasn’t sent to my email. So I tried again to use their self-check-in kiosk at the airport with the staff’s assistance, still no luck. The staff showed me to the queue for normal check-in. 5 Scoot Economy Class Check in

As you can see, the check-in line was quite long. 😱

So after queued in the line for 5 minutes, frustrated, I thought shouldn’t they have priority check-in counter for Business Class passengers? True enough, after I asked another staff,  she quickly showed me another line for Scoot Biz check-in! Lucky I asked! 😓

Feeling slightly relieved, I rolled my luggage over to the next lane at row 12. No queue!

SCoot Biz Check in counter

Should have checked earlier!! So, finally got my bag checked in all done in 5 minutes.

On the way back from Sydney to Singapore, online check-in wasn’t available, so still have to go to the airport earlier to join the long line for check-in.

So overall check-in experience for me: 2.5/5 😐

5. Seats (Biz  vs Economy)

Since I flew Scoot Biz on the way out of Singapore, and Scoot Economy Class on the way back, I had a good comparison of both sector.

There are no TV screens for both business and economy class. Scoot Biz, of course, has bigger leg rooms, with reclinable seats and deployable footrest. Simple seats, quite comfortable.

Scoot economy class is surprisingly not too bad, similar to other long-haul airlines with decent leg rooms.

Both classes don’t provide any TV, blankets, pillows or amenities! Just bring your own, no big deal!

Seat comfort

  • Scoot biz: 4/5,
  • Scoot economy class 3.5/5


Picture below: Comparing Scoot Cabin Business Class vs Scoot Economy Class.

Scoot  Biz Seat Configuration 2:3:2

Scoot Economy Seat Configuration: 3:3:3
Scoot Biz VS SCoot economy Cabin

Boeing Dreamliner aircraft window shades. Just press the button to dim the window instead of drawing physical window shades. I thought it was pretty cool.Scoot Dreamliner window shades

6. Food and Drinks

Scoot Business Class serves only 1 choice of drink with the meal and a complimentary welcome drink during boarding. No free flow of drinks, snacks nor alcohol.

The picture below shows the comparison between Scoot Biz meal VS Scoot Economy class meal (Prio-purchased needed).

Scoot Biz meal comes with a tray, salad appetiser, ice cream, main course, drinking water and choice of drink (I had apple cider).

Scoot Economy serves literally just 3 items: a main course, a big block of chocolate bar and a drink (Choose between jasmine green tea or coke). No tray, nothing extra!


Scoot Biz VS Scoot economy class meal

There’s no way for me to survive on 1 drink only throughout the 7-8 hours flight, good to see coconut water on the menu list that cost only $4. Drinks are reasonably priced range from $4-$9. All good, shall you want all-you-can-drink, just need to pay for it. And it’s really not too expansive!

7. Amenities

What amenities? There are no amenities given on Scoot. If you need eye shades and blankets, you just have to purchase no matter you are at economy class or business class.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. If you really need something you would have brought it with you anyway. With fewer amenities onboard, that would result in a neater cabin with no used blankets, pillow or socks flying around everywhere. Isn’t it great?

8. Service

Scoot cabin crew are hardworking people. I think that have to do with their service priority which is sales. Crew walk up and down the aisle a few times after mealtime just to ensure you purchase any ice-cream, main course, drinks, duty-free items if you haven’t got any. Plenty of opportunities for you to buy anything, pay to upgrade seat to bigger leg rooms, or take your wallet out simply.

9. Entertainment

There are no built-in TV Screens onboard Scoot in both business or economy class. I need to download Scoot TV apps prior the flight on my own phone and connect to their wifi network onboard.

Scoot TV Apps

I would suggest downloading the app regardless if you are going to watch their TV or not, as you can also access some flight information on the apps.

Scoot Biz passengers are given a coupon card with promo code on it so that you can watch the movies on Scoot TV App.

Scoot Biz entertainment

10. The Verdict

Scoot seems like an efficient airline in terms of cost and resource saving. But then again, you get what you pay for, literally. Extra food and drinks onboard are reasonably priced. You can always bring your own neck pillow and wear something warm onboard, and download your favourite Netflix movie on your phone or iPad.

Scoot Biz is good if you just need a bigger seat to rest during the flight, but given a choice I would still rather travel in other budget airlines’ business class as they will give you unlimited food and drinks, and entertainment included.

Scoot Economy – I have really nothing much to comment on it as it’s just as basic as it may sound.

The only reason I travel on Scoot during the trip was really due to its flight timing (day flight in and day flight out). Other than that for comfort sake, I would probably choose other airlines instead.



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