Sydney Blog: Sydney Best Coastal Walk from Bondi To Coogee Beach

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If you love beaches and sunshine, if you love hiking, then you must not skip this beautiful coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. 


Bondi to Coogee walk 

  • 6 km (2-3 hours slow walk + stops)
  • cliff top coastal walk with stunning views, beaches, parks, cliffs and rock pools
  • Cafes, restaurants, picnic area, toilets along the way
  • Easy walk, with some stairs, sunshine all the way


Watch the video here if you can’t see it below. Beautiful scene from the bondi beach, you don’t want to miss it!

During our 4th day in Sydney, we took this urban coastal walking track from Bondi to Coogee Beach. Bondi Beach is not foreign to many people outside of Australia thanks to the TV program Bondi Rescue and the super handsome Bondi Vet. 🤤 Of course, Bondi has much more to offer other than the hot bikini bodies!

We visited during the summer in December 2017. Beautiful weather, amazing beaches. The beach area was packed with people from coast to coast! Super happening!

1. Taking Train – Bus to Bondi Beach

So since we were staying at Westin Sydney at Martin Place, taking a train is relatively easy!

We took a train from Martin Place to Bondi Junction (3 stops) AU$4.2 per person. Then a local bus from Bondi Junction train station to Bondi Beachwhich later we found out we need Opal Card to take the local bus. Bought Opal Card at the convenience store for AU$10 each, enough to use for both way bus tickets.

taking train from martin place to bondi beach
Train from Martin Place to Bondi Beach AUD $4.2 per ticket

2. Breakfast at Bondi

Arrived at Bondi Beach at around 9.30 am. Super sunny day! We just popped into a random cafe for some Aussie breakfast – Poached eggs on thick toast, coffee = happy tummy!

We spent AUD $35 for simple brunch for 2 there.Bondi Beach Breakfast

3. Bondi Beach & The Famous Bondi Icebergs Pool

Beautiful Bondi Beach, hot day, hot people!

Bondi Iceberg Pool – a historical landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years. Opens to public for $7 (adult) and $5 (children) – price includes Sauna. For more information, click here. (Wish we would have done that).

Featuring both a larger lap pool and smaller kid’s pool, qualified lifeguards are on patrol during opening hours all year round. Towel hire is available for $3.5 too! 

Totally blown away by that spectacular view! (And we haven’t even started the walk yet!)looking over bondi icerbergs pool

4. Walk – From Bondi Beach to Tamarama

Incredible rocks formation along the way. 

Bondi To Tamarama Park Sign

5. Keep Walking Until Coogee Beach

It was not a straightforward walk, basically, we walked along the coast and passed by Tamarama beach, Bronte beach, Historic Waverley Cemetery (cemetery with a view but we didn’t take any photos out of respect), Clovelly beach then finally arrived at Coogee beach.

Every beach is beautiful and full of beachgoers who are just enjoying themselves under the sun, playing volleyballs, swimming, surfing … The walk was easy but the sun was quite fierce as there was no shelter but full sun all the way. Toilets and cafes are easily seen along the way. We stopped for a break every 30 minutes or so to take pictures, have an ice-cream and relax.

ice-cream at the tamarama beach Bondi Sydney
One of the best thing in life is ice-cream in summer 🙂

Chilling under the sun, looking at that marvellous view of the ocean! ♥️Bondi to Coogee walk - stop along the way to enjoy the view

Super hot day! Found a shelter under the rock for while. I could stay there all day~ 😆Shaded cave in bondi to coogee walk

6. Coogee Beach

Although it was only 6 km walk from Bondi to Coogee, we stopped for a few times along the way for water, toilet break, ice-cream, chilling and enjoyed the view.. finally after 2.5 hours we arrived at Coogee Beach.

We stopped for a drink at Coogee Pavilion, a pretty happening bar at the corner of the street which you wouldn’t miss it. Pizzas, burgers and Mediterranean fare over 3 floors, with a rooftop terrace and a games arena.

The picture below was taken at the rooftop bar of Coogee Pavilion with the view of Coogee beach. AUD$11 for a glass of Chandon Rosé.

Champagne at coogee Beach pavillon

Just a few shops away from Coogee Pavilion, there’s a fish and chips shop. It was pretty expensive AUD$24 for a regular fish and chips and a ginger beer. Fish and Chips at Coogee

But it tasted pretty darn good! 😋 Fish and Chips at Coogee Beach

We just spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the beach, like most people do.Volley Ballers at Coogee Beach

7. Things To Note For Bondi To Coogee Walk

Although it’s was a fairly easy walk, but the whole journey was mostly exposed to the fierce Aussie sun, I had a slight sunburn on my shoulder despite already put on SPF50 sunblock prior to that.

So, if you are doing the walk, remember to bring sunblock and reapply them, wear comfortable shoes, wear a hat (oh that helps!), sunglasses, towel, and bring a bottle of water.

Have fun walking on Sydney best coastal walk! 

Thank you for reading! 😉

Have you been to Sydney?

Which is your favorite beach in Sydney?

Which is your favorite scenic walk in Sydney?

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  1. It does look so beautiful out there at the beaches. Even if it was a bit of a hike i can see you had fun. I will have to remember the suntan lotion if i make it there. I burn easily.

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